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SAASTA Students2018/2019 Information Guide


Eligibility & Application Process

SAASTA is open to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students who are enrolled in senior years 10, 11 and 12 at South Australian state schools.

While SAASTA is widely recognised as a Physical Education & Health program; student entrance is not based on sporting ability. We simply recognise the role that sport plays in the lives of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and use this as a tool for engagement.

Applying to become an academy student is easy; if your school or a school near you has an academy (check the Academy Locations section) simply contact the SAASTA Coordinator or download the 'SAASTA Student Application Pack' from this site. The pack will provide you with all of the information you'll need to apply for a place in one of our academies.

You'll then be invited to attend one of SAASTA's Student Recruitment Days where you'll get to meet academy staff and students, undertake activities and learn more about the requirements of academy student's.

Once the application process is complete a SAASTA Coordinator will work with you and your family to manage your SAASTA SACE pattern.

If you have any problems accessing the student recruitment pack or to check the exact dates of the Student Recruitment Day contact a member of the SAASTA State Office Team.

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