What People Are Saying

SAASTA has had a positive impact at Christies Beach High School through a strong focus on engagement and achievement in learning and pathways planning. Two of our students have been the first in their family to achieve their SACE, 3 students travelled to Darwin to participate in the ARAFURA Games and another student played representative football on the MCG which is all due to their involvement in SAASTA.

SAASTA has provided a supportive and structured learning program that promotes high levels of achievement resulting in increased confidence for students to pursue their dreams and has given a number a positive reason to stay at school.

Sharon Goldman

Principal, Christies Beach High School

SAASTA has provided Le Fevre High School students with a holistic framework for their sporting, personal, academic and career pathway endeavours. It is a great motivator and provides an affirmation of what is achievable with the appropriate structures, resources, personnel and commitment in place for Indigenous young people in our schools.

Rob Shepherd

Principal, LeFevre High School

The material is so grounded; you could see it would work – not ‘pie in the sky’. It was useable from day 1 – and a blessing the kids could use sport to further their education. Although it was hard to integrate SAASTA into the culture of the school, as soon as staff saw the successes of the students, they were very supportive.

The program brings students together as a team, they look out for each other and encourage each other. A student once said to me that being in SAASTA makes him proud to be Aboriginal. The teachers and support staff really appreciate the support that the SAASTA management team give, with curriculum, SACE patterns and admin matters. We know they are available any time if we need.

We’ve had a massive improvement in SACE completion and students transitioning from school to successful pathways since SAASTA has been at Murray Bridge High School.

SAASTA has given our students the confidence to participate in other areas of their schooling life while the SAASTA uniform each student receives has created a sense of identity and empowerment.

Miranda Mulder

SAASTA Coordinator, Murray Bridge High School

SAASTA is a great program because it supports us with our education and it gets you motivated to come to school and participate in activities. My school life before SAASTA was a bit of a struggle. SAASTA made me confident with myself, keeping me in school to achieve my goals. Through my involvement in SAASTA I became the first young person to design a Guernsey for the SANFL Indigenous round.


SAASTA Student

It has helped me stay in school and find out more about my history and culture. Participating in the activities and doing the work booklets has been great because the work is interesting.


SAASTA Student

SAASTA has given me more focus and motivation to concentrate at school. I’ve only just found out I’m Aboriginal so am new to the team. The rest of the team has made me feel welcome.



One of the reasons I moved schools is to be in the SAASTA program. Its helped me become a personal leader and its given me confidence and motivation to do my work. I’ve had the experience to meet new people and make new friends. I have also found who I’m related to and where I come from.


SAASTA Student

In my career I have not had the experience of seeing a programme having the level of affect that the SAASTA programme has had not only on the students who participate, but also in terms of contribution to a positive, whole school culture.

For the students at Maitland Area School and the students who travel to our school participate in SAASTA, in their words, it has been life changing. A number of the students were classified as chronic non-attenders who’s predicted educational / post schooling outcomes were viewed as being minimal. Since being accepted into the programme a number of these students have now become real leaders, not only within our school, but also in their communities.

Andrew Gravestocks

Principal, Maitland Area School